Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 3 Halfway there, livin on a prayer

First time ever that I woke up at 5am and actually felt well rested, thats jet lag for you. I got to say that the hotel that Emirates Air placed wasn't all bad, well for Dubai standards anyway. We then got a shuttle to the airport, and then we were amazed at the testament to capitalism that is Dubai airport terminal one, stores and duty free smokes everywhere!!! What was great that in the airplane I got a great view of that massive tower in Dubai, freaking huge! It kinda resembles a giant middle finger, pointed straight at Toronto ha.

Well we had a bit of a wait in Ethiopia, that was some view ; deserts and dilapidated airplanes. Uganda was a nice contrast, nice and green. The tarmac was flanked by tough looking bunch of bodyguard types, it seemed like the president was gonna make a landing after us.

Keshy, got in some more trouble down at Entebbe security, its funny how they try to trap Keshy into saying hes there for work. I guess the Ugandan work permit costs a lot of money, but his argument was : if Im here to work, why do I have this big Canadian guy with me? They then let him through.

Meeting Keshy's driver was fun, a cool guy named Joseph. The drive to Keshy's house was a real eye opener; my sight was filled with people living in noticeably poor conditions, Central Africa is really a different world.

Keshy's house is a bit of a lifestyle change, its quite a large place, staffed by a team of maids and other helpers. Keshy's grandma is here and cooked us a great dinner.

Should be some good times ahead.

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