Monday, April 6, 2009

Everything has a beginning

Rejoice my good readers for I have decided to start a blog! A move to express individuality in a most conformist sort of way. Well all I can hope is that my attempt to Blog will be successful in respect of earning me some booze money to support my university lifestyle, hooray for advertisements!

The deal is that I will do my whole hearten best to bring a little joy, knowledge and humor to any and all who venture through the blogosphere, at the cost of your precious precious time, ha. But we also got some serious stuff here too !

I have a plan to severely humble my painfully sarcastic ways with a eye opening journey to Uganda at the end of the month, thats right Dan "maybe i should have mentioned my name before, meh" is going to volunteer "wait now I'm talking in the third person, greeeat" for the Ugandan Ministry of Education, hopefully putting my astute political science brain to its best possible use.... "so I will probably carrying bags from truck to truck or something for the next couple of weeks ha". I hope to record every memorable moment of this unforgettable Odyssey so we can better understand the tough reality the children of Africa face every day and how best to help them.
Oh and to lightly ease off the heavy stuff for a while, I will be sure to add any random craziness this brain can concoct. Like Baconnaise, a god forsaken mix btw bacon and mayo, I mean what the hell is that !

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