Monday, April 27, 2009

Packing Day !

Today is the Day I leave for Africa, packing is always tough but I have been on too many trips to know the appropriate number of boxers "and other important things, i guess" that I should bring.

My partner in crime in this cross Atlantic voyage of mine is Keshy Naidoo "aka: the big boss Kesh-meister" a guy that you pray doesn't run into a Boer or anybody else that destroying his country ha. Should be a raging time at the airport, Keshy is worried about waiting forever at the airport. He's gotta know that not every airport hates brown people, cmon keshy ha.

Gonna Fly United Emirates so it should be a sweet ride, and what a great time to travel. Everyone is scarred of this Swine Flu business so I'm hoping for some good service.

Peace out and see you next time

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