Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 10: Long Days at the office

Now we've settled into a sort of routine, every morning I wake up at 7 and get ready for work at Pincer group international. Our work for today was coming up with an appropriate design background for our newsletter. We decided to design the whole thing as "infotainment", to draw a neat comparison between our work, and the long drawn out report that would accompany it. We also began planning our own trip to do some field research in the North in an area called Gulu. Keshy's mom and some American consultants left earlier today to oversea the work done in that area, and as far as i can tell, it seemed like a routine trip. We spent the entire day in a small back room in the back of the building, as to not disturb an important meeting that was going on in the conference area. A problem arose because by the fact that we were blocked from leaving the building during our lunch break, so we had to spend a long time eagerly waiting for the meeting's conclusion.

We eventually got out and found a good local lunch spot. When we finally got back to the compound, I was to tired to do anything.

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