Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 5: Trying New Things

Its another day here in Uganda, and I think the place is starting to grow on me. We had one lazy morning, I strolled out of bed at around 11 at pick up some breakfast. First on the menu today was to pick up Keshy's mom from her office at the Ministry of Education, easier said than done. The driver took us downtown and I got my first experience of Ugandan traffic. There are little to no traffic lights, and the ones that you do find are powered by little windmills. On the major roads you find lane traffic, but with all the little motor bikes moving around it seems more like eight. Those motorcycles constantly swerve in and out of traffic, its very chaotic. Most of these motorcycles are little taxis, or “Boerwors”.

After we picked up Keshy's Mother, we stopped at a local Ethiopian restaurant. I made sure to get a mild meal, I just can't handle some of the spices here ha. I never had Ethiopian food before, you get served a large plate of thin spongy bread and a bowl of meat sauce. It was pretty good.

Later that day Keshy and I went down to the local pub, and we had to jump on a “Boerwors”. Riding for the first time was quite an experience. Keshy told me that when riding in those taxi motorcycles, you always run the risk of falling off or getting knocked down ha On a more positive note, the ride is extremely cheap, about 1 dollar.

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