Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Working Monday

Well its back to our regular working routine, so I woke up at 7am and moved out to the Pincer office building. Keshy's mom gave us some pointers the day before, so our assignment today was pretty easy to figure out. So the work on the newsletter continued unabated, and we pretty much expect to be done by Wednesday. That will give us plenty of time to head upcountry to do some real physical labour, and hopefully see some Africa's signature wildlife. So after a morning of reading through reports, I devoted the rest of my time to choosing appropriate photos from the USAID database. It was a good opportunity to use the image editor that Dad installed on my travel laptop. I had to quickly verse myself in all the inner workings of the GIMP image editor, and it seemed to work. Later today,.I think one of the heads of Pincer Group came in to ask us for some help. Something about helping Uganda to develop its own branch of the United Way, and helping a young university grad in developing fund-raising opportunities. Well that's sounds interesting, but I don't know if were going to have the time. Well ts something to think about.
So were approaching the deadline, and I am pretty sure we got this in the bag. Should be good.

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