Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 23: its hard coming up with new titles

I think today was our last official day at the Pincer offices, we did a little presentation thing and got out of there at 1pm. This newsletter is getting outrageously long, about 20 pages at last count, so I think we got to start thinking of writing a two page abstract or something. Good news is that tomorrow we head out at the crack of dawn to the source of the Nile, well one of the sources anyway :). That should be a fun trip, it will be nice to finally see the countryside. Well in the afternoon the crazy landlord swung by to look at the rickety water tower, he seems like a pretty nice guy. The problem seems to be in the welding of the platform where the massive water container stands, eventually the whole is going to get bigger and bigger till the whole thing collapses on itself. Hopefully that doesn't happen. In the afternoon, we all played cricket in the garden. I am still trying to understand what the hell the rules are, ha.
So good times to be had at the Naidoo compound.

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