Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 9: Getting Busy

Today begins my hopefully long and distinguished career volunteering for the betterment of the Ugandan Ministry of Education. Keshy and I have been assigned to volunteer our time helping the Pincer Group, a subsidiary of the Unity Project which operates under the umbrella of the United States Agency for International Development. Its all a little bit confusing, but our job is simple; the schools in the war torn areas of Northern Uganda are in terrible shape, its up to the Pincer Group to find and implement the best strategies and teaching methods to improve the situation. They are basically a consultancy firm, and our first assignment is to draft a 12 page newsletter to accompany an extensive yearly report.
The work is long but we are glad to help in any way we can. I'm quite content that we are working in research and advocacy, one of the few disciplines in which I am actually qualified. Not only do we have to read a tall stack of bureaucratic reports, and find what information we need, but also write a paper that curtails to everyone's expectations and designs.
A/fter an interesting morning, we were treated to some local cuisine just down the road. My lunch was remarkably cheap, a mere 2 dollars for an entire meal.

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