Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 24: At the source of the Nile

So I woke up nice and early today and got ready for the long awaited trip to the Nile basin. Our regular driver Joseph had to write exams for university studies, so we were driven on the perilous roads of the North by another driver Mr. Fred. There was definably some noteworthy craziness on that drive. First of all you need some serious skill just to navigate those highways, everyday in the newspaper theres a new story about some horrible crash and its not hard to wonder why. Between the crazy traffic, massive potholes and wayward Hippos, you really got to know what your doing. So we drove for almost two hours before reaching the Nile Source Park. Keshy tried to get us out of paying the entrance fee, but that came to no avail, it was only 4$ or something.
So the Source was a pretty interesting sight, its pretty amazing that the water here goes all the way to the Mediterranean, thats pretty cool. We were told to watch out for alligators, but I didn't see anything.
You could find a lot of shops and little huts that sold souvenirs, but I was counseled not to buy anything. After admiring the beauty of the basin for a while, we got back in the car and drove downriver, to see some rapids. Ah Madame Naidoo has got it in her head that we should be as safe as possible while we're here, so no rafting or bungee jumping today.
Seeing the huge rapids was pretty cool. The shame is that one of the local guides told us that the government is planning to build a large hydroelectric dam in the area, thereby flooding the area.
While driving back to the compound, we stopped at a roadside market in the middle of the rain-forest. Once we pulled up, we were rushed by dozens of sellers carrying their goods. It was a real struggle getting out of the car and walking around the area, but we managed to get the fresh fruit and firewood that we wanted. We all got home safe and sound.

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  1. Hi,

    Sounds like you are having an interesting time over there. Also adding a few gray hairs on your folks with tales of the night life and killer roads, but that's what life experience is all about I guess.
    I hope you continue to have a safe and interesting time there and take lots of pictures .

    P.S. I can't post comments any more at Ontario Geofish so ... Can you ask your dad to put me on the comments team on his blog so I can harass him some more?