Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 22: Dr. Naidoo comes home

I woke up to sounds of karate this morning, every Sunday the family's extensive backyard becomes host a local karate group. So in the morning I get a chance to meet some people and we all have a nice brunch together and then said goodbye.
The big water tower is becoming a little bit of a problem, the big thing is getting a bit rusty at the base. The bloody thing is like 5 stories tall, so I think if it ever tips over it would make one hell of a dent on the house. The hilarious thing is that everybody that works here is scarred out of their mind of the old crazy landlord. That guy was the former head of the national police or something, and I get the feeling that he did some rather unmentionable things. So it was Keshy who got on the horn with this guy and tried to speak in the softest of tones, quite funny and I think we managed to sort everything out.
Later in the day Keshy's Dad came back from Ottawa and everybody was overjoyed to see him. I think he is going to stay here for a week or so before heading back. He showed me his passports for a little bit of a laugh, hes got 5 of them all filled out. This man travels a whole lot. He's also a real nice guy. So I got to wake up nice and early tomorrow to catch a ride to the Pincer office and finish our work there, and then decide what to do with the rest of our time.

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