Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 16: trip is halfway done

So I went to work today with a renewed sense of productivity, I'm pretty much half way done here in Uganda and I'm determined to do some quality work before I'm out of here. Remember our work consists of helping the Pincer Group deliver its quarterly reports to its employer USAID of the progress its making in the drafting of new programs to improve the quality of education in Ugandan conflict areas. Pincer group helps measure and supervise the aid given to the rural areas, there are essentially the middle men between the aid recipients and the extensive USAID bureaucracy.
So naturally, the company has a wealth of information regarding all aspects of their aid programs, and its our job to read this info and process it. Today, my assignment was going through an key component of the REPLICA program; the efforts to rectify gender disparity in the rural schools. Its an enormous challenge to keep young girls in the primary school system, retention rates are low and this is a difficult thing to prevent. The problem is cultural and economical, young girls are often married off for a financial incentive and little value is seen in continuing their education.
So I wrote up some notes and attempted to fit more information in our ever growing newsletter. Tomorrow it should all come together and I'm anxious to leave Kampala and see the country. Good times ahead,

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