Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 28: ITs a great thing they have over here

Damn, I sure felt the pain this morning, these sunburns are starting to kill. Luckily the family gave me some lotion to treat it for a while. “Nah, but no amount of pain can't stop me I am a tough guy” so I thought. In the morning one of the family friends Anita took me to great little market to pick up some nice souvenirs and gifts for the family. To get there we had to take a local bus or a “Matatoo” as they say here, so that was interesting. The bus is pretty much an over-sized minivan with a “recommended carrying capacity of 14 people” yeah there was definitely more than 14 people when I got on. So that was fun, I swear there was some chickens flying around in the back ha! So when I got out of the matatoo, I realized the damage of being squeezed like that had done to my already sunburned legs, ouch. So after the bus ride it was only a short walk to the market place, and with the help of my great guide we managed to pick out some great gifts at the best price :).
That night the family hosted a big get together with the karate pupils, who are really the extended family and we all had a great time. Its amazing how the Naidoo family has really touched the lives of the people that came over today. I mean the Dad has been training the students for like 15 years now, so there is a real sense of family between everybody that came over.
We were also celebrated the 50 birthday of Mme Naruka, so there was a big cake and much jubilation. What was really touching was that the family made sure to package extra food and cake to the less fortunate pupils and their families. At one point we all sat in a circle and each person talked about about the importance of this little community in their lives, it was all very touching.
Its really remarkable how generous this family can be, and I really hope that I can make a positive impact of the lives of others, like the Naidoo family.
And PS: I remembered to take a lot of pictures :)

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