Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 25: A new guest

So the big thing today was picking up Madame Naruka sister at the airport. So we had to take the long drive to Entebbe airport, which was an adventure in itself. We were driving through potholes after potholes, swerving in and out of traffic. I think I'm getting used to all that chaos now. So when we got to the airport we had to get passed a big security checkpoint, but we got by that trouble quick and easy, because we were in a government car :). We spent a good while at the airport, looking at all the VIPs coming out of the arrival areas with a full phalanx of guards. We noticed that although the security people had an H1N1 check station, it was just gathering dust in the corner, ha. Its funny that some people are wearing protective masks but they're always taking it off when they want to say something. So our new arrival is a real fun person, she works for the government of South Africa, a real nice lady. When we got back it was straight to work to try to finish our newsletter as quick as possible, cause we got a little presentation tomorrow.

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