Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 20: So what is it, the third Friday now?

This morning I was greeted by my old nemesis, the extremely annoying monkey bird! You know the big bird that sounds like a monkey, God I hate that thing. Well in all, it didn't matter much because the bird had a point, I had to get up and get to work. So our job today was going through numerous DVDs made by USAID-UNITY and try to write down important quotes said by the rural villagers about the benefits of the REPLICA program. After doing the work we thought satisfactory, we kind of zoned out, well its Friday after all. When we finally got back to the compound I had this killer headache, its probably because I haven't been drinking enough water, well that stuff does have a tendency to kill people down here ha. So I did the sensible thing and plastered myself with extra strong painkillers. Then I did the even more sensible thing and left home to go drinking, yay. Hitting the night scene was a sweet time, and you haven't lived until you travel across an African city on a shitty motorcycle cab, swerving constantly in between massive potholes and oncoming traffic.

Yeah, Kampala on Friday night is a pretty lively place, filled with plenty of noise, partying and working girls, ha. Keshy told me a funny story about finding one of his high school teachers and the club we passed through consorting with a couple of ladies who were clearly not his wife, ha. Not a bad way to boost your marks. The important thing is that I made it back home safe and sound, once you put the blinding fear of falling off your bike or getting robbed, you can really start to enjoy yourself here.

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