Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 6: Getting Acquainted

The big event today was going downtown to meet the people Keshy and I were going to work for in the upcoming weeks. Our plan is to help the Pincer Group carry out the charitable work mandated by the Ministry of Education. We discussed at a board meeting what our plans, goals and expectations were for our time there, they seemed to be eager to have a couple of volunteers with no strings attached.
We agreed that the best thing for us to put our analytical skills to the test through data analysis and writing short summaries of the reports we read. We can then expect to travel North for some hands on experience helping with the relief of displaced people living there.
Well our work begins on Tuesday, so we have some more time to explore Kampala. We drove to various stores and shops to gather all we needed for a big barbecue or “Braii”. We then feasted in the African night, a great time to be had.

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