Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 27: Rafting on the Nile

All I can say is that I made one mistake on my fantastic trip on the Nile, I made sure to put on some sunscreen in the morning, but I forgot the bottle at the house. Ouch! We will get to that later...
So the plan today was to hook up with a white water rafting company and spend the day on the choppy waters on the Nile. Well we had to wake up nice and early in the morning and catch the company bus to Ginger. To poor Keshy's dismay, the bus was full of tourists! So the poor guy had to endure a two hour bus ride of conversation covering such interesting topics covering; the coolness of trekking Rwanda, up too the right shutter speed for your digital camera, ha. But when we got there, we had a great time. Naturally we signed up on the toughest and most insane instruction we could find, a crazy Rhodesian guy who promised to f*** shit up, ha! So our raft was the tough guy raft and the instructor never made us forget it! So we hit the biggest of the rapids without a second thought, but only once did the whole boat flip over :). A lot of times we were just hit with a massive wall of water that took half our crew with it! When the instructor yells GET DOWN, you better do it. The craziest part was when we faced a huge 6 meter waterfall, and nobody could think of a reason not to go over it. Yep that hurt a little bit, especially when the entire back of the boat came flying over us. But we survived and shrugged it off pretty fast.
The instructor guy had some pretty interesting stories to tell, he pretty much is like Mr. Adventure Africa. He told us a crazy story about the time when he and his buddies kayaked the entire Nile river, and even got into a firefight with bandits in Ethiopia, damn thats hardcore!
Well I was having so much fun that I didn't even realized what the glaring sun was doing to my poor skin, so got a mean sunburn, not good.
It was a pretty good deal that we got, 125 bucks got us a whole day of rafting, a ride their and back, a free lunch and some beer at the end Yay! Good times, at the Nile, but this sunburn isn't going away anytime soon :(.

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