Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 17: Yay for half days

A little bit of a scare shattered through the calm atmosphere that usually define my weekdays. While we were working in the morning, Keshy got a call from his mom and she told him that there was a security problem at the compound. That's all she said, so understandably we were pretty worried, we tried to phone the house, and there was no answer, we then called Joseph the driver. Eventually the tension winded down, it appeared that one of the security personnel at the compound fell from a ledge while picking some vegetables, and he received a noticeable gash. But the security people have their own protocol for emergencies like that, so they contacted their superiors and was promptly replaced. Its not like the family employs each guard individually, they purchase a 24 hour security service from a company. Well anyway, the whole thing was sorted out.

Well after that ordeal, we managed to do a little bit more work until Keshy's mom arrived to see the progress we've made. So we did a little bit of show and tell, and told everybody that there was not a lot of work left to due at the office and that we would benefit with a trip to the north. The good thing was that the Mom told us to pack up our things because she was taking us to lunch. However we were unsuccessful at finding an adequate restaurant close by, so we opted to get some groceries and make our own lunch back at the compound. Well we passed one restaurant, but it was full of loud tourists, ha, not our crowd :) . Hourra for half days!

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